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Arthropodcast is a weekly pest control podcast that promotes professionalism and industry expertise to business owners, pest control operators, sales reps, and inspectors.

For episode 48, we visit with Critter McCool about the opening of his pest control museum and training center. We also talk about the Earth’s largest land dwelling Arthropod, the ins and outs of silverfish control, and Bryan’s possible dive into video creation.

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For episode 47, we discuss baseboard jockeys, a mishap in a school cafeteria, the emergence of Turkestan roaches, and new plans for Critter McCool.

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This episode we discuss a new toy Bryan recently discovered, using Geckos for roach control, and the pest management professionals code of conduct. 

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In episode 45, we discuss Groundhog Day (event and movie) along with the "Zen" teachings that can be learned from the cult classic. We also talk about important information missing from the  recent barrage of Neonic/Bed Bug Resistance articles and the difficulties in conducting research in lab settings. But most importantly, Bryan tells us about a new Gin fermented with ants called "Anty Gin".

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Thanks to Dustin Mantz for the hilarious opening monologue!!!  In episode 44, we discuss when to use monitoring traps in commercial accounts, why Bill Gates belongs in the Pest Control Hall of Fame, and how to deal with sanitation issues in food handling establishments. Is it ever appropriate to call the Health Department? Check out the podcast and find out.

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This week we have a familiar contributor, Scott Ballard joins us on the show to discuss the follow up stat we discussed last week. He also gives sales tips for the single operator businesses and the team recommends "swinging for the fences" with your pest control sales proposals.

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In episode 42 of the Arthropodcast, Bryan talks about a newly developed organization called the United States Pest Management Professionals Association, he also discusses an eye opening sales follow up statistic, and Steve dives in on the internet's latest Neonic rumor. Will Imidacloprid be banned by the end of 2016? Download the podcast and find out!

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This week, we cover new studies conducted by researchers from Kansas State and North Carolina State, Steve shares his "pest control in the snow" experiences, and Bryan tells us about his New Year's resolutions. 

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I hope everyone’s holiday season is going well. For me, things have been a bit hectic, not in a bad way, but I’ve found it extremely difficult to set aside the hours needed to put together a podcast episode worth publishing. Because of this, I’ve decided to re-broadcast the first Arthropodcast episode Bryan and I produced as co-hosts. I hope you enjoy.

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Congratulations to Miller Pest and Termite in Des Moines , Iowa for winning this weeks contest. They have an awesome website at We'd like to thank JoelM222 for the iTunes review. For episode 40 of the Arthropodcast show, Steve brings up a rather odd study that recently took place on the rove beetle. You actually have to see the article to believe it.

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