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Jody was such a popular guest, we HAD to bring her back. On this episode, she talks about the major difference between termites, ants and honey bees. Jody also discusses the "advantage" of being an older termite and the manner in which termites forage. In addition, Bryan and Steve recap the book titled "The Power of Habit".

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This week, Patrick and Steve discuss the importance of having blog on your pest control business' website. 

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Join Jerry and Bryan as they discuss bed bug monitors, the Amarillo incident, and a business owner's perception of success/happiness on this week's Whistling Past the Cemetery.

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Ever wonder how to service grocery stores? Steve and Bryan and chime in on the subject. In addition, Bryan shares his experience with Green Gorilla's customer service and he also gives a shout out to the Bayer Pest Practices Team.

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For the first installment of 2017, Jerry and Bryan highlight posts about jealous spouses, aggressive techs, and start up funds.

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