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I hope everyone’s holiday season is going well. For me, things have been a bit hectic, not in a bad way, but I’ve found it extremely difficult to set aside the hours needed to put together a podcast episode worth publishing. Because of this, I’ve decided to re-broadcast the first Arthropodcast episode Bryan and I produced as co-hosts. I hope you enjoy.

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Congratulations to Miller Pest and Termite in Des Moines , Iowa for winning this weeks contest. They have an awesome website at We'd like to thank JoelM222 for the iTunes review. For episode 40 of the Arthropodcast show, Steve brings up a rather odd study that recently took place on the rove beetle. You actually have to see the article to believe it.

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Huge thanks to Aaron Veal of Phoenix Pest Control for the intro and congrats to Bug-Man Pest Services for winning this week's game show. For episode 39, Bryan shares some start up tips, we discuss DowDuPont, and Steve shares some of the advancements in spider silk production.

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First off, We'd like to wish Larry Wise a Happy Birthday and congratulate Responsible Pest Control of Mesa, AZ for winning our first game show. This episode, we talk about Chagas Disease, a couple great products from the Nisus Corporation and a toy that is made up mostly of boric acid.

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