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Arthropodcast is a weekly pest control podcast that promotes professionalism and industry expertise to business owners, pest control operators, sales reps, and inspectors.

When hiring a pest control tech, would you prefer someone with strong people skills or one with technical knowledge? Is Diatomaceous Earth as good as the internet claims? How does Nature-Cide work for repelling snakes and skinks? Find out the answers to these questions and more on episode 60 of the Arthropodcast.

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On this special episode of the Arthropodcast, Patrick Baldwin of PestWorks sits down with Brad Bartlett. Quite the expert in the hiring process, Brad is the President of Hire and Retain Good People. In this hour, he'll cover the cost of turnover, the importance of using the proper protocol when hiring people, why you should read (not scan) application forms, and he’ll give us reasons why it’s important for technicians to sell pest and termite control services.

Whether you have multiple employees or you’ve only considered bringing someone on the payroll, this episode is for you. The interview is packed with information, so I recommend you take notes or listen to it multiple times.

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Just what bugs Aaron Veal? He'll tell us, plus give us his take on last episode's segment on opinions being swayed. 

After a lot of "potty talk", Bryan shares a story about "paradigm shifts" and talks Robobees. 

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A study has proven our opinions change by empathy, not facts. Given the nature of the pest control industry, are our opinions on social issues being altered by the relationships we cultivate with our customers? In episode 58, Bryan, Steve, and Patrick will all chime in on the question.

In addition, Bryan ponders how you can motivate new techs to learn more about their craft.


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Why did the City of Boston purchase $225 for Dry Ice? Why does Bryan stress the importance of showing value with termite inspections? Who's the "King of Revenue" for Q1 of 2016? Why would you want a termite inspector to drive you crazy?

Find out this and more on Episode 57 of the Arthropodcast!

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Why did Aretha Franklin think Prince had the Zika Virus? Are New Jersey's low-income apartments infested with bed bugs? How did Bryan's Nature-Cide Experiment turn out?

Find the answers to these questions and more in episode 56 of the Arthropodcast.

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