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For our Halloween episode, we discuss how flies are used in forensic science, black widows eating their siblings, cicadas as food and a story about bot flies. Be sure to check it out! 

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Legendary pest professional Paul Bello joins the team to share his tips on how to properly perform WDO inspections, what equipment he uses, when to use a moisture meter, and TONS of other useful information.

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For our first episode of Webster Wednesday, Patrick and I give advice on what not to do when developing your online presence. Don't be cheese pizza! You can be "meat lovers", "veggie", or anything between - just don't be the same ole "Plain Jane" everyone else is being.

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After a long hiatus, Bryan and Steve returned for the 78th episode. Fighting through audio issues, the guys talked about upcoming shows, a new product called Crossfire and whether IGRs actually work on bed bugs. Be sure to checkout the new mini-series called "Webster Wednesday".

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