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The guys are back with another super awesome show. Bryan tells us about the day he wrangled a snake out of a customers house. Scott shares his brush with COVID-19. The guys share some stories about hard pest to take care of. Scott is dealing with a pesky apt complex.

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Bryan and Scott open the show talking about Patrick Baldwin's podcast The Boardroom Buzz. Great interview Patrick! Of course Bryan gets his love in for Jerry Schappert on this episode. Scott shares some struggles he is going through starting his business. Bryan shares he is opening his first office. We shout out to Ann Maria Teresa. You are a true ROCK STAR in our industry. Scott shares that getting old sucks.

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The guys open the show talking about the election.  Scott asks Bryan his advice on using a vacuum for german roach clean outs.  Bryan brings up that the Great Daniel Dye is stepping away from social media.  Scott cries a bit but will survive.  Scott sends a shout out to Neal Hensen with Do it Yourself Pest Control in Columbus, Ga.

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The guys talk with Tony Gonzales with Scorpion Repel.  Check out this amazing episode and check them out.

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The guys are back with another fun episode of pest knowledge.  Bryan and Scott talk about generic products verse name brand products.  Which is better in their humble opinion. Scott talks about how his back hates him and he needs a new one. 

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Scott asks the question as a service tech should we be insulted when a customer has over the counter pest product in their garage. Bryan talks about how important in our business don’t just depend on chemical. Inspection is KEY oh and use our brains. Scott tells us a super long story about his refrigerator. Bryan and Scott introduce a new segment about a new guy started a pest business. Tune in each week to hear his progress.

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Bryan opens the show talking about Beach party with the Pest Cemetery Crew.  Scott talks about the impact COVID-19 has had over the last few weeks. They talk about how it is impacting our business. To wear a mask or not wear a mask that’s our question. Bryan turns the conversation to talking about counting the cost for being the best. The cost for being the top in your market. Is it worth it?

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Bryan and Scott are back with another amazing episode of the Greatest Pest Podcast in all the Multiverse. Bryan talks about PCT and the Secret Life of Ants. Scott talks about flea issues and why it’s important to follow through and make sure you do everything right the first time. Bryan and Scott get into a “discussion” about techs having everything they need on the truck to do the job right the first time. Scott announces he is a Papa. 

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Scott talks about how frustrating it is to repeat himself to his tech. Bryan explains there is a right way to hold your guys accountable. Give them a time table to fix what you asked them to do. There must be follow through. Bryan talks about why he loves techs. Bryan talks about a post from Jerry Schappert on Pest Cemetery that over half of new start company’s fail in the first 5 yrs. Scott shared a marketing gimmick from Sling Shot. Finally Bryan apologizes to the Icon Daniel Dye. 

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The guys talk COVID-19 and the impact it is having today.  Scott discusses someone starting a new company in his area. Bryan as always has tons of incite and encouragement.  

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Here's the audio version of our 2nd Zoom call.  The guys unbox a Do it Yourself Pest Box.  Let us know what you think of the Zoom shows.  

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Here is the audio version of the first ever Zoom Arthropodcast Show.  Bryan and Scott honor Jerry Schappert and Pest Cemetery as they cross over the 10,000 member mark.  Jerry is a favorite of the Arthropodcast Show and we think Bryan might have a crush on him.  Enjoy and tell Jerry he is awesome!

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Scott was solo this time and interviewed Dr. John Paige  PhD from Bayer. He has been with Bayer for 22 years. MS Dr. John Paige gives Scott some incite on Mosquito control with Suspend Polyzone.   Dr. Paige talks what Bayer is doing to help with COVID-19. Dr. Paige and Scott talk about some things that PMP’s are doing to help customers during this time of uncertainty. 

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Bryan and Scott are back to talk about Covid-19 and how it’s continually impacting the pest industry. Bryan and Scott discuss what is going to be the new normal once the States open back up. Scott asked Bryan a question about  being late to appointments and not calling. The guys talk about what’s coming up in the next few shows. 

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Bryan and Scott check in on each other during COVID-19. The guys discuss the shutting down of States and what that means for the Pest Industry.   Bryan brings up who is responsible for making sure the techs keep clean and professional trucks.  After the guys discuss Scott admits he could do better. 

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Bryan and Scott discuss the Coronavirus and the impact it has had on the Pest Control Industry.  

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Bryan and Scott interview The Great Daniel Dye. After Scott was revived they talked about what Daniel has been up to after retiring. Daniel has been helping with continuing education for surrounding states. Bryan ask Daniel about a bed bug question about recliner chairs. Daniel talks about the video he did on his Facebook page about the do’s and don’t’s on Pest Cemetery. Daniel Dye announces he is doing the stinging insect section of the Malice Pest Manual 11th Edition. 

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Bryan talks about a new mindset to IPM observe,orient,decision and action. The Arthropodcast  O.O.D.A approach. The guys talk about a new segment that is coming up on the show. The guys are talking to a new business owner and follow the step. Scott sends us down a weird path about one of his techs fasting for 40 days. Bryan found about Chaffles thanks Daniel Dye. 

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Scott talks about the craziness he had with his company truck. Bryan brings up Service Master’s dropping 20% in stocks and losing customers like crazy. The guys ask the question do you have your company’s phone number on your trucks? Nick Madero say YES it’s a rolling billboard. 

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The guys are back with the first show of 2020!  Bryan talks about the new system called Doxem Precise Bait Soltions from Controlled Solutions. Bryan talks about something new he started at his company. The importance of welcome calls and QA calls.   Shout out to Nick Madero and the Pest Life Podcast 1. 

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