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Bryan and Scott discuss the Coronavirus and the impact it has had on the Pest Control Industry.  

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Bryan and Scott interview The Great Daniel Dye. After Scott was revived they talked about what Daniel has been up to after retiring. Daniel has been helping with continuing education for surrounding states. Bryan ask Daniel about a bed bug question about recliner chairs. Daniel talks about the video he did on his Facebook page about the do’s and don’t’s on Pest Cemetery. Daniel Dye announces he is doing the stinging insect section of the Malice Pest Manual 11th Edition. 

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Bryan talks about a new mindset to IPM observe,orient,decision and action. The Arthropodcast  O.O.D.A approach. The guys talk about a new segment that is coming up on the show. The guys are talking to a new business owner and follow the step. Scott sends us down a weird path about one of his techs fasting for 40 days. Bryan found about Chaffles thanks Daniel Dye. 

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