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They guys are back with another masterpiece for your listening pleasure.  Bryan talks about a small acquisition he is adding to his company.  Scott praises his wife as she is doing a great job at learning the business. Scott also gives a shout out to Mark from Mark’s Pest Control.  

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The guys interview the CEO of Work Wave David Giannetto about the exciting new partnership between Work Wave Pest Pac and Target Specialty Products.  They talk about everything from saving money on products from Target Specialty Product to being a Delaware River Decoy Carver.  You don’t want to miss this amazing episode!

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The guys are back again. Scott tells a fun story of a customer that called him fat. Bryan shares a hilarious story about an exchange with his customer. The guys talk about the importance of woman in the pest control industry. Scott wants to know Bryan’s opinion on contracts vs agreements. Scott has some big news about a special guest coming to the show!

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Bryan talks about the importance of taking your time on wood Infestation reports. Don’t cut corners and just be honest. Scott talks about things that bother him and how your reputation in this industry is everything.  Bryan talks about inspecting a vacant house and the atmosphere of the home. The guys talk about two instances of customer believing their bugs should already be gone...Pest Control shouldn’t be this funny!

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The guys open the show talking about a guy treating in front of an Applebee’s. Bryan sends a shout out to Jasmine Exodus.  Scott sends a shout out to John Carney. Scott talks about the rough week he had. The devil is in the details in service. Bryan changes the subject and talks about hourly rates versus production rates.  The guys tease something big on the horizon.....will it come true this time....?

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The guys have the Icon Jerry Schappert on the show.  Jerry was recently on the cover of PMP magazine. The guys pick his brain about growing our businesses through acquisitions. Bryan wants Jerry to walk us through the process of getting to the table for acquisitions. Scott gives a shout out to the owner of Safe Spray John Carney. Bryan talks about an issue he had on a termite letter he did. Jerry announces on the show about the new Pest Cemetery Community that’s coming down the pike.

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Scott opens the show with something that frustrates him in our industry. Scott and Bryan talk about losing a customer to another company but only to gain them back because their service was better. Bryan brings up having GPS tracking devices on your work trucks. Bryan shares a story about a bad bed bug job and going beyond the call of duty. We must service our customers like they are member’s of our family. Shout out to Nina Jenkins with Apprehend.

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Bryan and Scott start the new year with one of their favorite and greatest guest The Great Daniel Dye. Scott talks about his COVID-19 positive test. He has lost his taste and smell which sucks. Bryan picks Daniel’s brain about a bed bug issue with one of his accounts. Daniel tells us about the article he wrote for Mallis Vol 11. Scott talks about Arthropodcast Show getting recognized from PCO Bookkeepers.
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Bryan and Scott interview Rob Hardin of Rare Jingles. He has been in the pest industry for about 8 years. No Bugs in My Crib was his first Pest Jingle and then a passion was formed and so was Rare Jingles. He started his own company this year called NC Wildlife Experts. Check out this awesome episode

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