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Bryan and Scott interview the President of Target Specialty Products David Helt.  The guys talk about the amazing new partnership that has Target Specialty Products and Work Wave Pest Pac working together to save the PCO some money.  David was able to give the guys some cool insight on how this partnership was formed.  Bryan beat the fact in our heads that he loves Target Specialty Products.  Don’t miss this episode!

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The guys are backing talking about all things related to pest control.  Scott shares a frustrating issue that happened on a termite job.  Bryan adds his two cents which is always a pleasure.  Scott travels down many rabbit trails and Bryan does his best to keep him focus.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

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They guys are back with another masterpiece for your listening pleasure.  Bryan talks about a small acquisition he is adding to his company.  Scott praises his wife as she is doing a great job at learning the business. Scott also gives a shout out to Mark from Mark’s Pest Control.  

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