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First off, Jerry and Bryan cover a post made by James Sneed.
James writes:
"There are a lot of business owners on this page. Kudos to you men and women. This post isn't for you, this post is for the plethora of employees that work hard day in and day out. My best advice is this, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. Some are meant to be #2, #3 or tech for life. Nothing wrong with that. Work hard. Master your craft. Serve with purpose. You are in a field of work that has done more for mankind's health and safety than they will ever know. Thank you all. And thanks to the great owners out there!"
Next up, the guys share the last part of Bryan's interview with Harry Bryan. This time they talk about Niban.
The second Facebook post the hosts cover came from Hunter Hughes.
Hunter asks, "What're you guys doing for winter services? Say you're doing quarterlies and their spray comes up but there's snow on the ground, what's your guys' process and how do you go about explaining to the customer the need?
Lastly, Jason Yrigoven posts a question about reinvesting: 
"How much of your yearly earnings would you say go back into the business? Not looking for specifics just a ball park guess. Maybe in percentage? 30-50%?"
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