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Arthropodcast is a weekly pest control podcast that promotes professionalism and industry expertise to business owners, pest control operators, sales reps, and inspectors.

Bryan discuss his crazy week.  Scott is the highlight of someone's day and random fun.

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Bryan and Scott talk about how service is the best.  Shout out to Nick Madero and Breaking News Service Masters to purchase Copesan

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Bryan and Scott interview Martyn Hafley B.C.E. with Winfield United

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Shout out to Mark Hunter, Ethan the Producer, and Bryan and Scott put your kids to sleep

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On this special episode, Patrick brings us an interview with Donnie Shelton. Donnie is the owner-operator of Triangle Pest Control and Coalmarch Productions, both of which he has grown to multi-million dollar enterprises within the last 10 years. His reliance on checklists and systems, the chief tenets of Build and his first book, Grow!, are a result not only of his personal business growth experience but of his 14 years as a pilot for the United States Air Force. Donnie is passionate about helping fellow service business owners grow their companies by pairing traditional business development with a robust digital marketing strategy and strong workforce management processes.

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Join Jerry and Bryan for WPTC recorded Jan. 20th.

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This week Bryan and Scott talking about Bed Bugs and Vendetta Nitro and more

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The guys talk about 

new Years resolutions, rodent boxes and bulldogs

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Jerry Bryan and triple d talk about professionalism in pest control 

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