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The pest control industry recently lost a legitimate "Hall of Famer".

For episode 97, Michelle Senner reflects on her father's pest control legacy.

Truly Nolen was far ahead of his time. He adopted "Green Pest Control" in the 1970's, helped change public perception of our industry, and displayed several acts of marketing genius.

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This week, Jerry and Bryan discuss Jerry's trip to New Mexico and why it's important to grow your pest control arsenal. The guys also chime in on whether they prefer bed bug or termite jobs.

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We skipped a week or two, but we're finally back. This week, Patrick and Steve talk about creative ways grow your business through the use of email.


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This week, we have a treat! Frank and Sandy Honess (founders of Ladybug Pest Management) are best known for their highly trained and certified bed bug scent detection beagles, Daisey, Dolley and Dixie.

Join them and the Arthropodcast team as they discuss K9 certifications, training, inspection techniques, and much, much more.

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For the latest episode of Arthropodcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Joseph Latino, Chief Operating Officer of Allergy Technologies. In this episode, Joseph talked about active ingredients, repellency, formulations, bed bug preventative strategies and a unique product called ActiveGuard(TM) Mattress Liners.

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This week, Jerry and Bryan talk about the Pest Cemetery Live 2017 cruise. In addition, Jerry shares the experience of losing a 15 year technician to retirement and the joys of interviewing the tech's replacement.

The guys also chime in on an outstanding Facebook post by Renee Vickers Ferree. Renee wrote:

"As the wife of an aspiring pest control owner/operator, what can I do to help start the business and give moral support to my husband during the startup phase?

What should I NOT do during this time?"

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For the final installment of Pest Cemetery Live 2017, Jerry sits down with the highly respected Daniel D Dye of Florida Pest Control.

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As promised, Here's another epic interview from Pest Cemetery Live 2017. For this episode, Jerry interviews the one and only Paul Bello. 

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What happens when a legend sits down with an icon? Find out when Jerry Schappert interviews arguably the brightest mind the pest control industry has ever seen. 

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To become an A.C.E. in the United States, you must:

  • Hold a current pesticide applicator's license issued by a state, federal, military, or tribal authority.
  • Have a minimum of 5 years experience in the structural pest control industry.
  • Submit two letters of reference from professional colleagues (ACEs, BCEs, employers, past employers, major clients, government officials, etc).
  • Sign the ACE Code of Ethics
  • Submit your application 30 days in advance of taking the test (and pay membership fee $355-$395).
  • Pass the examination with a score of 75% or higher.
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