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This week we’re going to get the final word on roaches shaking while they ingest maxforce impact. We’ll talk about InVict Xpress Granular Bait, and also name a winner for our latest the Facebook question. We ran into some sound quality issues near the end of our call so we decided to cut the episode short and just cover the remaining topics next week.

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Hello and welcome to episode 23 of the Arthropodcast. I’m your co-host Steve Jackson. Along with the hilarious Bryan Baird, we bring you your pest info on the go.


On this episode, Bryan gives you a preview of next week’s Facebook question, we both chime in on some of the challenges we always seem to have in August, and I share my findings on the lifting of the neonicotinoids ban in the UK. Why couldn’t farmers just revert to the way they did things before neonics were invented. Seems easy enough, right?


We’ll explain why that option isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Come ride with us for about 30 minutes, you might be a little surprised on this one.

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This week Bryan gives us a brief review of Nisus Magnetic roach bait. He shares contact information for Paul Bello’s pest relief international. And we also discuss a controversial article titled “Call Off the Bee-Pocalypse” written by Christopher Ingraham. According to the USDA’s honey report, the pollinator situation might not be as grim as most of us thought. Stick around and we’ll share some numbers that I personally found very surprising.

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On episode 21 of the Arthropodcast, we discuss the Facebook Question of the Week with Wendi Baird and talk sales with Scott Ballard. Bryan also had an interesting observation while using Maxforce Impact: Have you noticed roaches shaking while they ingest the product? Leave us a voicemail with your findings and if we use your comment on the show, we'll mail you your very own Arthropodcast T-shirt. So if you use Maxforce Impact, tell us what you're seeing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Last week I asked for your feedback on a situation I encountered, and did you ever respond. We’ll share your general consensus on the matter, as well as highlight one listeners comments. We’ll talk about fuse and exciting new product from Control solutions incorporated. For those interested in T-Shirts, We’ve finally got em. But there’s a catch, the only way to recieve one is to send us a voice recorded question or comment. If we feature your message on the show, we’ll send you a complementaly T-shirt.

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