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Scott talks about how frustrating it is to repeat himself to his tech. Bryan explains there is a right way to hold your guys accountable. Give them a time table to fix what you asked them to do. There must be follow through. Bryan talks about why he loves techs. Bryan talks about a post from Jerry Schappert on Pest Cemetery that over half of new start company‚Äôs fail in the first 5 yrs. Scott shared a marketing gimmick from Sling Shot. Finally Bryan apologizes to the Icon Daniel Dye. 

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The guys talk COVID-19 and the impact it is having today.  Scott discusses someone starting a new company in his area. Bryan as always has tons of incite and encouragement.  

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Here's the audio version of our 2nd Zoom call.  The guys unbox a Do it Yourself Pest Box.  Let us know what you think of the Zoom shows.  

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